TLD Remanufactured CAT C32 ACERT Engine for Sale

Engine Make
Engine Model
Engine Serial No.
Arrangement No.
350-5525, 263-8150, 451-5991
Reman Number
DRILL Machine

The CAT Industrial C32 is in high demand in the mining industry. This engine will allow projects to go to depths in mining. Our remanufactured CAT C32 ACERT engine fits the Drill Machine with arrangement 350-5525, 263-8150, 451-5991.

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Watch the Dyno Test for this Reconditioned CAT C32 Industrial Engine TLD Drill Machine

Our TLD CAT C32 ACERT rebuilt industrial engines for drill machines are remanufactured to the highest standards. We remanufacture in-house to what is known as Bare Metal Remanufacturing. We fully disassemble every part of the engine down to a bare cylinder block. All paint is removed for inspection purposes. This allows us to fin any casting defects or cracks.

All parts are cleaned and inspected. Cylinder blocks are machined. Crankshafts are measured and polished. For every engine rebuild, we replace all:

  • Wear parts
  • Cam shafts
  • Rocker shafts and rockers
  • Piston and liner kits
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Oil pump
  • Water pump and regulators
  • Oil cooler
  • Transmission, brake, hydraulic and coolers
  • Fuel pump and injectors
  • Turbochargers
  • Gaskets, seals, and o-rings
  • Bearkings, cups, and plugs
  • Sensors, wiring harnesses and computer
  • Starter and alternator
  • Belts, hoses, clips, brackets, fittings and clamps
  • Exhaust hardware
  • Regulating springs and valves
  • Oil and fuel filters

The engine is then painted and dressed and a dyno test is performed in-house.

At Independent Rebuild Specialist, we use genuine Caterpillar parts to achieve premium quality rivaling new CAT C32 ACERT engines fresh off the factory floor. All of our rebuilt TLD C32 ACERT engines are Dyno tested, many of which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

We are not a middleman and stand by our work with a 100% warranty to assure our Industrial Application CAT C32 ACERT engines can be dropped-in quickly for fast and reliable engine replacement at your location.

All of our engines for Caterpillar drill machines are shrink wrapped and secured to a customized steel skid for stability and protection from weather elements during storage and shipping. Our typical turnaround time for remanufacturing a TLD CAT C32 ACERT industrial application for drill machines is as little as one week and we ship worldwide.

Call us at 303-659-4652 with any questions about our TLD CAT C32 ACERT reman engines or for use our Quote Request form.